Workshops for Schools

sam printing in class 1 sam printing in class 2

I’ll be updating this page very soon. In the meantime if you have an enquiry about my workshops in schools please email me: demo

2 thoughts on “Workshops for Schools

  1. Ben Partridge (The Owlery)

    Hi Sam,

    I am enquiring about a short print workshop for my students.
    I will be completely frank we have got a very small budget and I may resort to running one myself instead of buying someone in but I am exploring options for them.

    We are going to be looking at Arts and Crafts and hopefully taking a trip to Yorkshire Art Space and the Millenium Galleries but would love to have a short workshop where they get some hands on experience.

    There are 11 in the group – mainly MLD students, a couple of students considerably lower ability.

    I just wondered what kind of price you charge for a 2 hour session – the lesson we have is only very short. Just something that compromises of a demo and a bit of a hands on session.

    Look forward to hearing from you



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