I am a print and collage maker, based in Sheffield U.K. and I live with my husband, daughter and two cats in a terraced house, where I also have my home studio. I have been a full-time printmaker for the past seven years after more than twelve years teaching art and textiles in secondary school. I originally studied sculpture for my Fine Art degree and it wasn’t until quite a few years after my degree that I really discovered my love of printmaking and in particular woodcut printing. I taught myself simple relief printing using sections of plywood, while also studying for my PGCE and I then developed and expanded my technique while teaching Art and Textiles at Secondary school. An MA in Arts Education, winning a couple of printmaking prizes and becoming a mum, led me to think about options other than school teaching and 6 years ago, I decided to make printmaking my full-time occupation.

Working from my home studio using my much-loved Rollaco press, I love to create bright, bold, colourful prints and collages, working onto fabric, paper and wood, producing hand-pulled prints and printed objects as well as textile pieces for your home. I have a ‘see what happens’ approach to printing! I like to play with different print techniques, different colours and different textures and see what works. For me the joy of printmaking is the element of chance and surprise and I love to work with simple shapes, bright colours and bold textures to bring a cheerful and fun sense to my work. Prints that don’t quite work are often recycled into collages, with the shapes and patterns in the paper guiding the direction of the composition. 
The themes in my work are taken from what I see around me, my local community, the park, local buildings, changing seasons; and at home, the toys and books, some ordinary household items, a vase of flowers, an old ornament and of course our two cats. A lot of my ideas spring from memories of early childhood; the late 1960’s and early 1970’s when a hazy recollection of textures and forms, rugged carpets, bare brick, woven textures and clashing and vivid colours in swirling patterns is evoked.  
I love all forms of printmaking but the ones that bring me the most joy are the ones that don’t require too much technical equipment! These are the techniques I use in my own work and the ones that I love to share in the various workshops I teach. My workshops take place in my home studio as well as at various venues around Yorkshire and beyond. I am currently looking into teaching printmaking and collage online. Watch this space! 

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