I am an artist, based in Sheffield UK and I live with my husband, daughter and two cats in a terraced house, where I also have my home studio.

I love to create colourful, joyful, original artwork that explores composition, process and media. I work onto paper, fabric, wood and recently ceramics, to make relief prints, textile products and decorative sculptural artworks.

My first love is printmaking, especially block printing with wood and lino. When printing, I work instinctively, building up many layers, combining colours, shapes and textures, striving to find harmony and balance, clarity and a feeling of joy, through a playful and open approach to the process.


I have been working as a full-time artist/printmaker for the past seven years after more than twelve years teaching art and textiles in secondary school. I originally studied sculpture for my Fine Art degree but it wasn’t until quite a few years after my degree that I really discovered my love of printing and especially woodcut printing. An MA in Arts Education, winning printmaking prizes and becoming a mum led me to think about options other than school teaching and so I decided to make printmaking my full-time occupation and I haven’t looked back. 

I tend to collect anything of interest that might possibly be useful in my work. Saving odd sections of wood, reusing various carved blocks and recycling old prints. These are a source of inspiration to me and artworks evolve through several stages of process including layers of printing followed by a sometimes long stage of incubation before a final flurry of activity, when I know the work is complete. I love all forms of making but the ones that bring me the most joy are the ones that don’t require too much technical equipment! These are the techniques I use in my own work and the ones that I love to share in the various workshops I teach. My workshops take place in my home studio as well as at various venues around Yorkshire and beyond. I have also begun teaching some of my printmaking workshops online via Zoom. I am currently planning more of these over the coming months. Watch this space!
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