We took on our allotment last summer, charmed by the overgrown plot complete with ramshackle Wendy house. We immediately made the most of the unexpected fruit and flowers already established whilst also optimistically tackling the rather overwhelming weeds and grasses. Of course as we were warned, the weeds returned with a vengeance and we decided the best thing was to enjoy the unexpected harvest and then leave well alone until everything had died off.   IMAG1052IMAG1050IMAG1051 We traded the Wendy house for help with making raised beds and have spent the last few Saturday mornings weeding, clearing and tidying. I have my seeds begun in pots in the spare room and my potatoes are chitting away nicely!




IMG_2861Working on the Allotment is a joy. It is so peaceful there and I love seeing the robins popping in and out of the huge holly bush at the front of our patch, waiting for the chance for a worm as I dig up and turn over the soil. I have lots of plans for this plot of land and I am really looking forward to seeing how the allotment develops over the year.




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