Good grief! How long did that take? It’s been months since I was last able to get on with any printing due to my mammoth studio overhaul. I was not helped by the fact I picked the most unreliable plasterer in Sheffield who repeatedly cancelled on me until I saw the light and found someone reliable. Anyway, at last the end is in sight, walls and floor are painted, shelves are put up and equipment and materials rearranged in an orderly fashion. I LOVE my new studio. Here are some before and after pictures.


corner with press


organised 2

Still a wee bit to do yet but I plan to begin printing images for my new lampshades either tonight or tomorrow…I’ll see how I go. I’ll pop a shot of the whole studio on in a day or so and also of course, a photo of my first lampshade, once it’s finished. I can’t wait!!

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