A sketch a day…

I have bought myself a new sketchbook from a very talented local bookbinder Heather Dewick. My plan is to do a 30 minute drawing or painting in it everyday until it is full. Then I shall have to buy another sketchbook from Heather and continue until the end of the year!

A busy few months with a happy ending.

  The photo is of the delicious meal of our own home grown potatoes which we sat down to eat in the garden at the weekend after some hard work at the allotment. As a consequence of the amazing weather over the past few months, hot sunny days but with plenty of rain as well, […]

Bird’s Yard, Mugs and Psychedugglies.

It’s been a busy busy month! My summer holiday ended with me spending close on a full day moving into a space at Bird’s Yard, a lovely shop in Chapel Walk in Sheffield where local designers and makers rent out space to sell their wares. I virtually took over my side of the shop with […]


Here at Groom Towers we are all agreed this has been the best summer we can remember. Absolutely action packed. I cannot believe that I have managed to cross just about all my (ok not the cellar) house to do’s off my list and managed to get away not once, not twice but three times!!! […]


I began writing this post before leaving to go to a city I first visited in 1990. The end of term mayhem meant I didn’t get round to finishing it and before I knew it I was aboard a Ryanair flight and about to step onto foreign soil for the first time in four years. […]

Ace Photographer.

Hello hello, yes that’s me grinning in the photo. This and many other lovely photos (lovely in the sense of being well lit and professional rather than refering to myself of course!) were taken a week or so ago by ace photographer Fiona Oliver. Fiona is the very talented lady behind Siofra Photography. Fiona specialises in […]

Recent work

I’ll be adding some more photos of pages from my sketchbook here very soon!