Fun with silkscreen!

I am really enjoying using silkscreen to print some of my babygrows and t-shirts. I know this is probably the most common way of printing onto clothing but for me it is unusual as I usually use wood or MDF cuts and of course good old potatoes to make my prints. Not that I’ve stopped using them mind. Here are a few new examples combining either wood block print and potato print or silkscreen and potato print. Now I’ll have to find a way to include all these methods together. Each item of clothing is a ‘one-off’, that way I can mix different colour combinations and generally have a good play around with the designs. I prefer working that way, I find it much more fun although it is rather labour intensive!

Anyway, these fair-trade babygrows and t-shirts printed with environmentally friendly inks and washable at 40 degrees or lower, will be for sale at fairs, in one or two select shops and on Etsy very soon.babygrorowbabygroflowerbutterfly1babygroflower






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