This was the state of my studio for quite a few months up until last Tuesday.

I decided I could not go on this way anymore and I have begun the rather daunting but  very cathartic process of clearing out the crap and starting afresh. I am also stripping back the wallpaper from the walls and ripping up the carpet and lino. I plan to paint the walls and floorboards white, rearrange tables and my printing press and I may need to get a handy person in to install even more shelves.

The only time my studio seems to be tidy is when I’m not using it! I intend to be far more disciplined about throwing away things I do not use and I am thinking up ways I can store work in progress safely. I am keeping myself motivated during this really daunting and messy part of the job by dreaming of how clear and spacious it will look and how much easier it will be to be creative and productive in my newly organised space.

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