I have always enjoyed making collages, using prints that haven’t worked to create anything from real or imagined landscapes and animals to simple abstract compositions. The shapes and marks in the discarded print to suggest to me how the collage should look . At the moment I’m experimenting with collaging printed fabrics together, using sewing rather than glue.

I have been considering ways of including words into my work for a while now. Recently a friend pointed me towards this blog http://blogdelanine.blogspot.com/ and I was very excited to see the tutorial on hand carved stamps. I immediately set to work carving letters into ordinary white erasers which I cut into 2 cm square sections. Once I had drawn out the letter shapes, (back to front of course!) I set about cutting into them with my lino cutting tools. It took some practice as the letters are small and  it’s tricky getting into the narrow parts of each letter, but I managed it and I am now busy printing letters onto fabric with my rather runny fabric printing ink.

Hmmm, I think I’m going to make some lavender bags!

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