At times it feels as though little progress is being made this year. Already we are over half way through March and yet in some ways I feel as though I have not got far at all with many of the plans I had for new prints, for participating in art fairs, for learning new skills.

Yet I know this isn’t really true. I am on a steep learning curve at the moment and I am keeping lots of balls in the air at the same time. I have had a few set backs but as I have learned over the years you just have to keep on keeping on and eventually things do fall in to place.

One of the small steps forward I have made has been learning to make my own lampshades, including printing the fabric for them. Here are some photos of the stages.

I measured out the width and length of fabric I needed and then printed my wood-block and lino-cut design onto the fabric.


I then had to stick the printed fabric carefully onto a clear plastic backing. making-lampshade-2Then comes the tricky task of attaching the now rigid fabric to the lampshade rings.making-lampshade-3

Without a doubt the best way to make the lampshades would be to do lots at once and get a rhythm going, but I am fairly chuffed with the results.lampshade-update-in-dark