IMG_4301 I took this picture for the brief few minutes that the sun shone last Sunday. Before long it was hailing and we packed up pretty quickly, glad of the progress we had made adding more mulch to the path. ‘Little and often’ has become our motto. The photos below show the work we have done over the winter months from early November ’til now. It really is starting to feel as if we are winning and a few more brief(ish) stints should mean that most of the plot is under control before the weeds try to return with the warmer weather.



IMG_4061 IMG_3980




In case you were wondering, that isn’t a body we have dug up although it was as heavy as one. No, we have unearthed literally metres of heavy, earth clogged carpet from this allotment over the year and this was just another length or two I found along the path as I weeded it. It was back breaking work dragging it to the ‘carpet pile’ on one area of our plot. My one regret is that I didn’t find it and take it to the dump before I bought my shiny new (to me) car. I now cannot bring myself to sully the beautiful clean interior so I’m not sure when the large carpet pile will be removed. In the meantime, here are some shots of the paths with fresh mulch added. I love how tidy everything is starting to look. I need to make sure I don’t forget that the whole point of our allotment is to grow lots of delicious, organic fruit and veg and that in order for that to happen I have to plant some seeds soon. I could easily get so engrossed in plot tidying and weeding that I forget!

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