Workshops for Schools

I really enjoy running printmaking workshops for all children from primary school age upwards. I have an MA in Arts Education, over 12 years experience teaching art, design and textiles in school and I have fully enhanced DBS. I am happy to work with large or smaller groups and I can develop a project to suit your chosen theme or topic. Below are some photos of recent work in schools and some testimonials from teachers. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss me visiting your school.

Below is work from a workshop with Children from Limpsfield Primary School inspired by drawing local buildings from observation. The work was exhibited at Bloc Studios in Sheffield.


Below are images and testimonials from workshops in a selection of Primary Schools.

There was lots of talk generated, some really interesting art and the children used lots of different skills. Every child could access and benefit from an aspect of the workshop. Children used the artwork they were creating as a basis for many interesting discussions that wouldn't necessarily come to light in our English lessons. Main comment from children was, "Is she coming back?"
Thank you for a fantastic experience.
Lauren Peevor
Y3 Teacher - Abbey Lane Primary
The collaborative nature of the printing was great for the kids and even those who usually find art challenging had the opportunity to succeed. They learned new skills from an expert too.
Melissa Duncan
Y3 Teacher - Abbey Lane Primary
Creating their individual printing board allowed the children to be as detailed as they dared. Some opted for a very simple design to print; whereas other, more able pupils created more elaborate designs. The completed results looked fantastic and the children were (rightly) proud of their work.
Paul Boulton
Y4 Teacher - Abbey Lane Primary

Looking at Image and Identity with Y5 and Y6 pupils at Pathways E-ACT Academy

Creating press prints of Greek Vases at Marlcliffe Primary