_MG_2735I am a Sheffield based printmaker specialising in wood and lino-cut printing onto paper, card, wood and fabric although I really enjoy all forms of printmaking, particularly when they don’t involve too much technical equipment!

I have a ‘see what happens approach to printing’. I like to play with different techniques, different colours, different textures and just see what works. I love that element of chance and surprise in printmaking!

I recently became a full-time printmaker after over twelve years teaching art and textiles in secondary school and I work from my home studio, using my treasured ‘Rollaco’ press. I have always taken my ideas from the everyday things around and these days I find my inspiration is the fun I have with my young daughter; the songs we sing and books we read. Looking at the world in a more innocent way I find I want to create simple, brightly coloured and playful prints that also remind me of imagery from my own childhood in the 1970’s.

When I am not printing, myself and my family like to work on our allotment. We haven’t had it long and we are learning as we go along.

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  1. Emma Kent

    Hello Sam, this is Emma from Running With Scissors (sheffield’s first craft lounge). We run a variety of workshop in different crafts. My current screen printing tutor is unable to continue delivering workshops for us and your name has popped up in conversation (you are a friend of a friend…) Is this something you would consider, we have a max of 8 peopel per workshop. I really love the work you are producing at the moment and maybe it woudl be good to meet up to see if we could work together in the future(?) – Many thanks Emma

  2. Sam Post author

    Hi Emma,
    I would be delighted to be involved in a workshop and it would be great to meet up and discuss this further. I am participating in ‘Open Up Sheffield’ this year and the dates I am ‘open’ are the 4th, 5th, 11th & 12th May. If you are available please do pop over to my studio to see more of what I do. Alternatively I am happy to meet at another time when it is convenient. Here is the link to Open Up and I will be posting more about this in the next few days. http://www.openupsheffield.co.uk/artists/Groom_Samantha.php

  3. Suzi Thompson

    Hi Samantha
    Just wanted to make sure you knew about a new group starting up in Sheffield- Sheffield Printmakers, you may have already heard or came to the first meeting? apologies if yes, but if not the next meeting is at the Rutland Arms Mon 13th May at 7.30pm- there are already plans for a print fair in November at St Mary’s plus other exhibition and networking opportunities to be decided. Hope you can make the meeting.

  4. Sam Post author

    Hi Suzi, Thanks for getting in touch. Yes I was aware of the new group and I hope to be able to come along to the pub on the 13th. I would love to take part in the Print Fair, it sounds really exciting! : )

  5. Alison, Museums Sheffield


    We would like to show a flock of your birds in the forthcoming print show opening in the Millennium Gallery in January.

    Please could you contact me regarding the feasibility of this?

    Many thanks,

    Alison Morton

  6. Jen Mick

    Hi Samantha – I am a fellow Cupola artist and Harris Rd Allotmenteer so I thought I’d say hello. Great to see your plot taking shape – those weeds are really demanding! If you are interested we have a really friendly allotment society which is a great way to meet other people on the site and also get discounted seed & fruit orders – we’re having an open day on May 19th so maybe we will get to meet there… Jen

  7. Sam Post author

    Hi Jen, how nice to hear from you. I was over at the allotment today doing more weeding and discussing the allotment open day with some of the others. I’ll hopefully be able to pitch in and help get things ready on the workdays. It’s all beginning to look great. We should be about for some of the open day (it coincides with a party we are holding so we’ll not be around the whole time) and hopefully we can meet then. Sam.

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